“beautiful Jailing”

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Beautiful Jailing Exhibition

Group Exhibition.

“Beautiful Jailing: Tales of Extreme Urban Design”, showcasing a selection of creative and research works focusing on urban interventions and representations of urbanity by architects and designers based in Hong Kong and Macau.

*Exceptionally opening hours on Sunday 17 March from 2-6 pm*

On the first floor, there will be a display of architecture and installation projects -both built and speculative- by HK firm AaaM [“Architecture as a Medium”] founded by Kevin Siu, Bob Pang and Shuyan Chan, ATeliers Adalberto Tenreiro in Macau and architecture and research firm Parallel Lab by Caroline Wüthrich and Géraldine Borio.



On the second floor, there will be a projection of the trailer for “Dragon Delusion”, a Kickstarter manga project by graphic designer Kong Kee and the documentary “STAG” by Parallel Lab.

The exhibition is curated by bangkok-based architect Paco Garcia Moro and it is funded by a Design Trust Foundation Grant.